Virtual seminars

Dear participants,

Many employees now work from home offices or at workplaces with the necessary physical distance to colleagues. At the same time, the economic recession is creating free capacity in terms of each individual's working hours. The state supports the possibility of short-time work and thus also continued employment during the crisis through the "Arbeit-von-Morgen-Gesetz" (Work of Tomorrow Act).

Currently, everyone thinks twice about whether further training is really necessary. Unnecessary risks should be avoided, no question. But many training courses are necessary and urgent for business reasons, even if the company has a ban on business trips. Even in this special situation we try to offer you alternatives: Online seminar instead of seminar attendance. The speaker holds the seminar virtually - a very useful solution in the case of business trip bans, when the knowledge is needed quickly or is important for several colleagues.

There are a number of other advantages:
  • You can determine the date and duration, adapt the content specifically to your needs, and receive training certificates for all participating employees.
  • In addition, you avoid costs and reduce infection risks when traveling to and from the seminar by public transport and at the hotel.
  • Virtual learning instead of seminar attendance. Learn from home and learn 100% safely. How do you benefit in concrete terms? You learn with a provider who has been offering and developing further education and retraining for many years. Our learning methods are easily transferable and feasible in the digital space.