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Set out to put an end to lugging beverage crates, flaschenpost has been revolutionizing beverage retail since 2016. Order conveniently from home and have it delivered directly to your door in 120 minutes. That is flaschenpost's ambitious promise.
Started in Münster, flaschenpost now delivers more than 7,000,000 orders a year to more than 30 locations with up to 150 vehicles per location. We accompanied the driver app team part of the way in the following areas.

  • Xamarin.Forms-Development
  • Xamarin-Binding for Routing & Navigation
  • Code-Quality and App-Perfomance improvements

Advance the driver.

Our task was to make the existing driver app fit for the further growth of flaschenpost.

After a short familiarization phase, we started analyzing where drivers had the most problems. It quickly became apparent that the stability of the app and the quality of the integrated navigation solution would be the biggest construction sites. For a company whose special service is flexibility and speed of delivery, such obstacles are particularly annoying. Delivery drivers should be able to focus on performing their tasks and driving traffic, and not have to deal with poorly functioning apps.

The measures agreed with the customer did not fail to have an effect. The monitoring confirmed the consistently positive feedback from drivers that the quality of the app had increased with each release.

  • Client:flaschenpost SE
  • Industry:Logistics / Beverage trade
  • Services:Xamarin-App-Development, Interims-Teamlead
  • Period:February - August 2020, September 2023
  • Website:www.wirsindflaschenpost.de
Graphic representation for error development in the flaschenpost driver app

Be fast - but be safe.

Mobile navigation has long been a part of everyday life for many of us. For delivery drivers who have to work within a defined time window, this has to work across the board and with absolute precision. The special challenge was therefore the replacement of the previous navigation solution. The provider of the new solution provided us with a Java-based SDK for their product for the integration. The challenge was to be able to use this SDK with Xamarin as well. In four weeks, we created a Xamarin binding with which the navigation solution can now also be used natively in the flaschenpost Xamarin Forms app. flaschenpost saves a multiple of time per year just by integrating the better navigation solution.

As interim team leads, we managed to build a team that continues the optimizations we started.

Aron Spohr, CTO flaschenpost

The whole team at Cayas Software did a fantastically good job and laid a foundation that we can successfully build on for a long time to come. Especially the exciting time of integrating our new navigation solution showed the wealth of experience with Xamarin. Without Cayas Software, we wouldn't be this far today.

- Aron Spohr, CTO flaschenpost
Sascha Willam, Teamlead Driver-App

As interim team leader, Sebastian Seidel not only laid a good foundation for the driver app. The team he handed over to me also shows his experience in dealing with people and technology. - Sascha Willam, Teamlead Driver-App

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