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Your Android app is in good hands with Cayas, because we can help you with design, programming and aftercare on request.

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The experts at our Android app agency plan and design your application as a smartphone, tablet and desktop app or as a web version.

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Your project is managed individually and tailored to your ideas - because harmonious cooperation leads to success.

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Thanks to native interfaces and APIs, we guarantee you only the highest quality at every step of the process.

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At Cayas, you can choose how intensively our Android app developers support your project - we offer two types of support!

One option would be for our specialists to take over the entire project. You can have your Android app designed and programmed and continue to rely on our support after the go-live. The second option would be our support for an existing project team. In this case, we help with all the important steps up to the go-live; no further follow-up support is provided. Whichever form of collaboration you choose, our experts will put their heart and soul into the realization of your ideas.

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Portrait von Aron Spohr

Cayas Software is an excellent team! I personally enjoyed the energy and professional support that the whole team gave us during the project.

Aron Spohr CTO Flaschenpost SE
Kim Dallmer-Zerbe

We already knew Cayas Software from a joint workshop and that's how we came to start a joint project. The quality that we then received in the development of the warehouse logistics app was absolutely professional.

Kim Dallmer-Zerbe DSP Project Management
Andreas Kipp

Cayas was a great partner for us. When working with them, you could always see their passion and willingness to implement things quickly and optimize them until they worked to our complete satisfaction.

Andreas Kipp Development Engineer Class E-Systems GmbH
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Questions & Answers

Experience has shown that the development of an app usually takes 3 to 5 months. As a precaution, you should allow a little more time for larger projects, while smaller projects can be completed more quickly. The following phases are run through in a development process:

  • Planning Duration 1 to 2 weeks. In this phase, the idea is worked out and a concept is created that contains the exact requirements for design, performance, functionality and quality.
  • Design & Prototyping Duration 3 to 4 weeks. Adjustments can easily be made during this phase. A first prototype visualizes the look & feel of the app.
  • Technical app development takes 6 to 12 weeks. By merging the design with the functionalities, the app comes to life and is already very close to the final product.
  • Quality assurance Duration 3 to 6 weeks. Once the app programming has been completed, the app is checked for the functions and designs developed and any deviations are corrected.
  • App release Now the app is ready for the store release. This means it is uploaded to the App Store and is available to the public.

We offer comprehensive support during the development process, especially in the area of cross-platform app development for Android and iOS. We offer services such as the development of warehouse logistics apps, integration into existing teams to overcome bottlenecks, project management and consulting.

Cayas Software positions itself as a full-service partner and emphasizes high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

The choice between an app and a website depends on the specific requirements and goals. Here are some advantages of apps compared to websites:

  • Offline access Apps can also be used without an internet connection, while websites require an active internet connection.
  • Better user experience Apps are specifically optimized for mobile devices and offer a smoother and more user-friendly experience than websites.
  • Access to device features Apps can access device features such as camera, GPS, microphone and notifications, which is not always possible for websites.
  • Personalization Apps can deliver personalized content based on user preferences and behaviors
  • .
  • Faster access Apps can be launched directly via icons on the home screen, whereas websites need to be accessed via a browser.
  • Better performance Apps are often faster and more responsive than websites.
  • Monetization options Apps offer various options for monetization, such as in-app purchases, subscriptions and advertising.

Cayas Software GmbH has developed a variety of cross-platform apps that cover different industries and use cases. The app types they have developed include:

  • Warehouse logistics apps: These apps optimize warehouse processes and improve efficiency in logistics.
  • Driver apps: Developed for delivery services to enable drivers to navigate safely and efficiently.
  • Voice command integration: Implementation of voice commands in apps to increase user-friendliness.

Darüber hinaus bieten wir Schulungen und Unterstützung für Teams an, die ihre Fähigkeiten in der App-Entwicklung erweitern möchten

Individual project implementation

In-house apps
Customer loyalty apps

Over time, the focus has shifted to two core areas of Android app development:
Firstly, we program company-internal apps that improve the efficiency of operational processes, and secondly, we develop customer loyalty apps to enhance existing products. But we are also open to all other app ideas - we tackle every challenge conscientiously and with determination!

Modernizing old apps

Often, no new app is required to obtain a modern application that can expand the potential customer base. The migration of an existing app is then sufficient. We at Cayas can also help you with this project, for example by making your Android app accessible to Apple users by integrating it into the .NET MAUI platform.

Bild von Teammitgliedern
Bild von Teammitgliedern

We don't just take care of the development of your Android app

Zwei Männer mit unterschiedlichen Devices für verschiedene Plattformen
Cross-Plattform Projekte mit .NET MAUI

We rely on Xamarin and .NET MAUI when programming apps, which allows us to create cross-platform solutions. We design the user interfaces of the apps in XAML, which allows us to work very efficiently in the process and save around 30% on development time and costs.

Zwei Männer betrachten vor einem Laptop ihre Arbeit

In addition to Android applications, we also take care of iOS projects. We build on the advantages of Xamarin iOS and .NET for iOS. The performance of native iOS APIs in combination with the high reusability of business and communication logic leads to an optimal return on investment.

Sebastian Seidel, Geschäftsführer Cayas Software GmbH
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