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Cross-platform app development with .NET MAUI

By using Xamarin Forms and .NET MAUI, we realise your applications across platforms and save around 30 % of development time and costs by designing user interfaces in XAML only.

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iOS app development

For iOS app development, we rely on Xamarin iOS and .NET for iOS to combine the advantages of native iOS APIs with the high reusability of business and communication logic, which promises an optimal return on investment.

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Android app development

In Android app development, we rely on Kotlin, Xamarin Android and .NET for Android to ensure native performance. This approach leads to robust, user-friendly Android applications and increases development efficiency.

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Cayas Software is an excellent team! I personally enjoyed the energy and professional support that the whole team gave us during the project.

Aron Spohr CTO Flaschenpost SE
Kim Dallmer-Zerbe

We already knew Cayas Software from a joint workshop and so we decided to start a joint project. The quality that we then received in the development of the warehouse logistics app was absolutely professional.

Kim Dallmer-Zerbe DSP-Project management
Andreas Kipp

Cayas was a great partner for us. When working with them, you could always see their passion and willingness to implement things quickly and optimise them until they worked to our complete satisfaction.

Andreas Kipp Development engineer Class E-Systems GmbH
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Questions and answers

Xamarin enables the development of native apps for different platforms in the same programming language and with the same tools. Another advantage is that a large part of the app logic, such as server communication and business rules, can be reused across platforms. Apps created with Xamarin offer near-native performance and are more efficient than hybrid or web apps. Xamarin also enables access to native APIs and functions, which is particularly advantageous for complex apps.

With .NET MAUI can be used to develop apps that can be run on different platforms. It supports the creation of native user interfaces for each platform and provides a consistent user experience. Changes can be made while the app is running, reducing development time. .NET MAUI is tightly integrated with Visual Studio, creating an efficient development environment.

The following points emphasise the efficiency and flexibility that Xamarin and .NET MAUI offer for the development of modern applications:

  • Cross-platform development
  • Uniform programming language
  • Native user experience
  • Reuse code

We offer comprehensive support during the development process, especially in the area of cross-platform app development for Android and iOS. We offer services such as the development of warehouse logistics apps, integration into existing teams to overcome bottlenecks, project management and consulting.

Cayas Software positions itself as a full-service partner and emphasises high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

Yes, we can migrate existing Xamarin apps to .NET MAUI. To do this, we update projects to SDK-style projects and dependencies to .NET 8. For more insight, check out our blog page for an article on the 7 steps to migrate from Xamarin Forms to .NET MAUI

App development times can vary. A basic app could be ready in just 3 weeks, an app with multiple functions could take 6 months, and a highly customised app could even take over a year to develop.

Cayas Software GmbH has developed a variety of cross-platform apps that cover different industries and use cases. The app types they have developed include:

  • Warehouse logistics apps: These apps optimise warehouse processes and improve efficiency in logistics.
  • Driver apps:Developed for delivery services to enable drivers to navigate safely and efficiently.
  • Voice command integration: Implementation of voice commands in apps to increase user-friendliness.

We also offer training and support for teams who want to expand their app development skills

Mobile app development with Cayas: complete solutions and team support

At Cayas, we focus on two main models of project realisation in the field of mobile app development. On the one hand, we offer totake over the entire project - from the initial idea and development to going live and subsequent aftercare. On the other hand, we support existing teams in the realisation of their app projects and withdraw after successfully going live. In both cases, we place great emphasis on understanding the specific needs and goals of our clients and delivering customised solutions that are both high quality and efficient.

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Customised app development

Cayas has specialised in two areas of app development in particular: Firstly, we develop in-house apps to increase the efficiency of processes, and secondly, we create customer loyalty apps, that complement existing products. Regardless of these specialisations, we offer comprehensive expertise in the customised development of a wide range of app types, always tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

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Learn app development thanks to our workshops & training courses

We help you to improve your knowledge and skills in app development with our practice-orientated workshops and training courses. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced developer, our training courses will teach you about cross-platform apps with .NET MAUI and Xamarin Forms.

Information on training courses
Sebastian Seidel, Geschäftsführer Cayas Software GmbH
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