We are your Xamarin and .NET MAUI specialists

Xamarin and .NET MAUI are open source frameworks for modern and powerful applications for Apple, Google and Microsoft mobile platforms. Xamarin and its successor - .NET MAUI - provide us with an abstraction layer that manages the communication between platform-independent code and the underlying platform code. As a Xamarin agency, we can implement 90 percent of your application across platforms. This allows us to write all business logic in a single programming language - or reuse existing application code - and still deliver native performance, native look and native quality of service on any platform.

The advantages for your Xamarin/ .NET MAUI project

01.Lower costs

Because your app is developed by one team in only one programming language, you benefit from lower costs and less time. Your app reaches the market faster for the target platforms Android and iOS.

02.Reduced maintenance effort

Because only one code needs to be maintained and adapted, the time required for maintenance and further development of your app is significantly reduced. We support you with our own expertise or train your team.

03.Best performance

Because native interfaces and APIs are used with Xamarin and .NET MAUI, your app achieves high performance on all operating systems.

04.Consistent implementation

Because we have designers and developers working hand in hand, we can offer conception and implementation of your app in smaller iterations. Of course, we also offer the two packages separately.

Cross-Plattform App Development

With Xamarin.Forms and .NET MAUI we bring your business, communication or validation logic to different platforms. Compared to native UI development, we save around 30% development time and project costs by also implementing the interfaces in XAML across platforms. Native app development taken a step further.

Android App Development

We implement Android apps with Xamarin Android and .NET for Android. This way, your app development project benefits from the possibilities of native interface design. No abstraction, but real native performance and still a high reusability of business and communication logic across platform boundaries.

iOS App Development

We develop apps for Apple's ecosystem with Xamarin iOS or .NET for iOS. Native performance of native iOS APIs paired with high reusability of business and communication logic promises an optimal return on investment.

Replacement of Windows CE or Windows Mobile

Android, which was taken over by Google, is not only strongly represented on consumer devices. Manufacturers like Symbol, Datalogic or Zebra offer an Android variant as successor of their Windows CE or Windows Mobile devices. We have experience from several projects how to port your Windows CE handheld application to Android.

Binding native libraries for Xamarin and .NET MAUI

You have controls or libraries that you want to use in your Xamarin or .NET MAUI project? We can help you use native libraries or controls in your Xamarin or .NET MAUI project by creating suitable binding projects or porting them to .NET.

Xamarin Workshops/ Trainings

You would rather have your project implemented in-house by your own team? No problem. We make your team fit. Our workshops are tailored to your needs and filled with practical experience.

Planning an Android or iOS app?

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