We are your mobile app specialists

We map the complete development cycle of a mobile app for Android or iOS. We bring your idea to life with the help of our designers, so that you get a first impression of your future app. Our Xamarin and .NET MAUI experts then work on the technical implementation to ensure that your project not only looks good, but also delivers the necessary performance on every platform.

The focus is always on the individuality of our customers' needs. This allows us to intervene and support along the entire development process. We can also participate in parts of an app development or enrich your existing team with our know-how.
We implement your Android and iOS app for you.
Apps that will inspire you and your users

Mobile App Development

We have been developing reliable mobile apps for Android and iOS for over 10 years. By using Xamarin or .NET MAUI, we can work with one code across platforms and create a high degree of reusability.

  • Conceptual design and planning
  • Cross-platform app programming
  • Integration of IoT elements
  • Testing & Troubleshooting
  • Documentation, maintenance & further development
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More than just looking good

App UX / UI Design

An app that delivers good performance is important for the user. But the visual appearance is at least as important. How intuitively can the app be operated? What colors are used? Where is the user's gaze led? Our UX / UI experts answer these questions.

  • Target group analysis in advance of creation
  • Developing user-centered design
  • Designing a first draft
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • Iteration & Improvement
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We offer app UI/UX design for your Android and iOS app
We show you the way to cross-platform app development with Xamrin or .NET MAUI.
Our know-how, your added value

Mobile App Development Trainings

We are happy to share our experience and also take the time to bring your team up to speed. Because only high-performing teams achieve great results.

  • Elaboration of the specific training needs
  • Content tailored to the target group
  • 3 to 5 training days online or on-site with proven experts
  • Explanation and applications in real practice environments
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Stay flexible and still achieve your goals

EaaS – Experts as a Service

Whether as a supplement or to guide the existing team - technical expertise is necessary for every project. We have a lot of experience in outsourcing our competencies for various activities and are happy to provide you with know-how as well.

  • Adoption and further development of Xamarin or .NET MAUI apps.
  • Support your team to compensate for development bottlenecks
  • Our designers make your vision visible and tangible
  • Team management of existing teams and projects
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We offer our expertise as a service